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Hello Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!

my dad made a website a long time ago and I decided to make a website hope you like it!Cool


here is aliittle about me

parents names:Kristine and Paul

Full Name:Allison Jo Kohlmeier

Born on:October 4th

 best friend:Hannah Jo (we have the same middle name)

 How many Sibling(s):3

how many sisters?:1

how many brothers?: 2

Older or younger sibling: Older

favorite color:Purple if you can't tell!!!

favorite subject:Western Civ (kinda like Social Studies or history)

Favorite show: How I Met Your Mother or Doctor Who

Favorite Disney Character:Minnie Mouse??

Favorite food:Hot wings

Favorite song:Die Young or let your heart hold fast by Alantic

Favorite Movie:Ted or Date Movie

Favorite store: Don't Have one Frown

Favorite Soda: Mountian dew or Pepsi

Favorite perfume:Carried Away-Bath and Body works!

Favorite Actress:Alyson Hannign

Favorite actor:Neil Patrick Harris

thats me ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ :P

Favorite Qoutes

Doctor who

River : "I have questions but first what in the name of sanity do you have on your head????"

Doctor 11:"Its a fez I where fezess now, fezes are cool."

How I Met Your Mother

Barney:"its going to be legend i hope your not lactosentalrent cause the rest of the word is Dary!!!!!!

Lilly: (in a accent) you son of Beach!


If you haven't met me I am crazy!!!!

:) :P ;) :( :O

Please Tell me What you guys think  Hope you like it since I am new at this!!!!!!!!Tongue out

Remember Yolo!!!!!!!!!!!!!